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New York State Directory: Online Database


The New York State Directory is a comprehensive, who’s who in public policy in the state of New York.

This in-depth, all-encompassing resources provides immediate access to:

  • All levels of State Government
  • Executive Branch – over 2,400 contacts with up-to-date staffing of all deparments
  • Judicial Branch – all state courts with over 800 judges and court administrators
  • 25 Policy Areas Agriculture, Banking, Education, Environment, Health, Housing, Social Services, Transportation & more Contains contact information for key officials at the state and federal level, plus over 2,000 private sector experts
  • Non-Profit advocacy organizations & trade associations
  • Delegates to the US Congressional Standing Committees & Subcommittes from New York State
  • Over 2,700 contacts in county & municipal government
  • More than 1,000 lobbyists & political action committes
  • Nearly 500 chambers of commerce
  • Over 2,500 university & college presidents and public school administators

With a subscription to The New York State Directory – Online Database, you’ll have immediate access to this wealth of contact information.

Database Details:

  • Easy-To-Use Keyword & Quick Searches
  • Organization Type & Subject Searches
  • Cross-Database Searching
  • Search by Area Code or Zip Code Ranges
  • Search by Company Size & Geographic Area
  • Search by Contact Name or Title
  • Combine Multiple Search Criteria with our Expert Search Page
  • Sort Search Results by City, Company Name, Area Code & more
  • Save Searches for Quick Lookups
  • Create & Save Your Own Search Results Lists
  • Download Search Results in TXT, CSV or DOC Formats


Detailed Profiles include:

  • Complete Contact Information
  • Hotlinks to Websites & Email Addresses
  • Key Contacts & Officers
  • Organization Description
  • and much more

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