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Hudson's Washington News Media Contacts Directory: Online Database


With 100% verification of data, Hudson’s Washington News Media Contacts Directory is the most accurate, most up-to-date source for media contacts in our nation’s capital. With the largest concentration of news media in the world, having access to Washington’s news media will get your message heard by these key media outlets.

Hudson’s Washington News Media Contacts Directory - Online Database brings you immediate access to:

  • News Services & Newspapers
  • News Service Syndicates
  • DC Newspapers
  • Foreign Newspapers
  • Radio & TV
  • Magazines & Newsletters
  • Freelance Writers & Photographers

With a subscription to Hudson's Washington News Media Contacts Directory – Online Database, you’ll have immediate access to over 4,000 Washington news contacts, all in one easy-to-use source!

Database Details:

  • Easy-To-Use Keyword & Quick Searches
  • Organization Type & Subject Searches
  • Cross-Database Searching
  • Search by Area Code or Zip Code Ranges
  • Search by Company Size & Geographic Area
  • Search by Contact Name or Title
  • Combine Multiple Search Criteria with our Expert Search Page
  • Sort Search Results by City, Company Name, Area Code & more
  • Save Searches for Quick Lookups
  • Create & Save Your Own Search Results Lists
  • Download Search Results in TXT, CSV or DOC Formats


Detailed Profiles include:

  • Complete Contact Information
  • Hotlinks to Websites & Email Addresses
  • Key Contacts & Officers
  • Organization Description
  • and much more

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