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Working Americans 1880-2004
Volume VI: Women At Work


Working Americans 1880-2005 Volume VI: Women at Work is divided into 13 chapters, each covering a decade from 1880-2005. The life of three to five Working Women is profiled in each chapter. You will learn about their annual income and household budgets, life at home and work, community involvement, prices of the time and cost of living, working conditions, social activities, and much more.

Beginning with the life of a maid in 1890 and a store clerk in 1900 ending with the life and times of the modern working women, this text captures the struggle, strengths and changing perception of the American woman at work.

Profiles include:

  • A twenty-six year old woman in 1890 whose love is photography. Her mother is convinced that her love of photography has doomed her chances of a respectable marriage
  • A recently widowed woman in 1904 actively managing her family farm
  • A sixteen year old woman in 1923, who dreams of becoming a famous jazz musician… although she may settle for secretarial school or a few years in college
  • A twenty-seven year old woman in Huntsville, AL in 1942, helping the war effort and supporting herself making ammunition after her husband left to fight the war
  • An eighty-eight year old former slave in 1951, living in the same cabin she and her husband built after they were married. She is the proud matriarch of four generations

    As in previous volumes of the Working Americans series, information is presented in narrative form, but hard facts and real-life situations back up each story. The basis of the profiles come from diaries, private print books, personal interviews, family histories, estate documents and magazine articles. For easy reference, Working Americans 1880-2005 Volume VI: Women at Work includes an in-depth Subject Index.

    The Working Americans series has become an important reference for public libraries, academic libraries and high school libraries. This sixth volume will be a welcome addition to all of these types of reference collections.

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