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Homeland Security Directory: Online Database


This comprehensive database presents a wide range of information that is scattered and hard to find elsewhere, providing subscribers with access to the most comprehensive, up-to-date and detailed information on the nation’s homeland security contacts and services. This Online Database profiles 1,100+ profiles of Federal and State Agencies and 1,100+ Companies, along with the names of 11,000 key contacts.

Federal & State Agencies
Each listing offers a clear, concise description that includes the agency’s purpose as it relates to homeland security, including Emergency Management Services, State Police, Port Authorities, Army and Air National Guards, and many more. The agency listings, both federal and state, include thousands of executive names along with hotlinks to email addresses and web sites.

Detailed descriptions of 1,100+ private companies that provide products and services used in the homeland security industry. Users will find everything from Access Control Locking Systems to Work Station Security Software. The company profiles include descriptions and product listings, as well as contact information such as address, phone & fax numbers, web site, and key executives.

The Grey House Homeland Security Directory - Online Database will be invaluable to anyone concerned about or involved with this rapidly expanding industry. As the forces surrounding homeland security continue to strengthen and further define themselves, this database will prove indispensable as the premier reference directory on the subject.

Database Details:

  • Easy-To-Use Keyword & Quick Searches
  • Organization Type & Subject Searches
  • Cross-Database Searching
  • Search by Area Code or Zip Code Ranges
  • Search by Company Size & Geographic Area
  • Search by Contact Name or Title
  • Combine Multiple Search Criteria with our Expert Search Page
  • Sort Search Results by City, Company Name, Area Code & more
  • Save Searches for Quick Lookups
  • Create & Save Your Own Search Results Lists
  • Download Search Results in TXT, CSV or DOC Formats


Detailed Profiles include:

  • Complete Contact Information
  • Hotlinks to Websites & Email Addresses
  • Key Contacts & Officers
  • Organization Description
  • and much more

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