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The Comparative Guide to American Suburbs 2014 Edition


This completely updated reference focuses on the individual and the suburban communities within each of the 75 largest U.S. metropolitan areas. You'll find profiles of over 2,700 Suburban Communities with a 10,000 + population. While there are a variety of sources that present statistics for metropolitan areas or for major cities, few have attempted to give comparative data on individual suburbs.

The Comparative Guide to American Suburbs is arranged alphabetically by metropolitan area. Each metropolitan area section begins with metro area statistics, a listing of the included counties and a listing of the Suburban Communities by county. Following the introduction for each metropolitan area, Suburban Community profiles are arranged alphabetically by community name.

Suburban Community profiles contain:

  • Name and Name Origin
  • County
  • Land Area
  • Elevation
  • Population
  • Government Type (City, town, village, borough, or incorporated) with phone number
  • Chamber of Commerce - Contact Information and Phone Number
  • Local Newspapers
  • Economy - Per capita income ranking & Unemployment rate with rankings
  • Safety - Violent & Property Crime rates per 10,000 population, with rankings
  • Housing - New housing permits with rankings & median home prices with rankings
  • Education - a listing of School Districts that serve the community

The section for each metropolitan area concludes with a Ranking Table that compares the Suburban Communities in six critical indicators: Per Capita Income, Unemployment Rate, Violent and Property Crime Rates, new Housing Permits and Median Home Prices. These useful, easy-to-read tables allow for quick and easy comparisons between suburbs. Locating the best, or worst, suburb of a metropolitan area has never been easier.

The Comparative Guide to American Suburbs has been designed for the average user. The combination of usability, currency of data, breadth of scope and ranking tables make this an exceptional guide to aid in relocation. This edition is a must have addition to any reference collection.


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