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Diabetes in America: An Analysis of an Epidemic


The First in Grey House's new Health in America series, Diabetes in America: Analysis of an Epidemic charts the geographic and demographic prevalence of people with Diabetes nationwide, by state and by district. This important title provides the reader with statistical comparisons of incidence, prevalence, costs and other relevant analysis of Diabetes across the US - at the nation, state and district level.

Diabetes in America: Analysis of an Epidemic

  • Provides National, State and Congressional District Profiles of the Prevalence of Diabetes across the country
  • Each profile begins with a Four-Color Map charting the prevalence of Diabetes, along with the contact information and photo of the leading government official for that area
  • Profiles also provide detailed statistics, all arranged by age, gender and race/ethnicity on the Number of Diabetics, Overall Prevalence, Percent Uninsured, Number of Hospital Encounters, Hospitalization Costs, Total Annual Medical Costs, along with the percentage who have their Diabetes under control
  • Comparative Ranking Charts compare all of these statistics at the national, state and congressional district level

Diabetes in America: Analysis of an Epidemic combines charts, reports, 4-color maps, rankings and comparative information on the prevalence of Diabetes across the country. This new series will be an important acquisition for public and academic libraries, government agencies and healthcare reference collections.


"This is a unique resource of disease-specific population data that will be well used by public health, nursing, and medical students, as well as local, regional, and national minority/community health/political activists."

"This is a useful resource for those involved in epidemiology and health-care policy research."
-Booklist Online

"An important and accessable reference about a health issue of national concern."
-Library Journal


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