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Working Americans 1880-2007
Volume VIII: Immigrants


Working Americans 1880-2007 Volume VIII: Immigrants illustrates what life was like for families leaving their homeland and creating a new life in the United States. Each chapter covers one decade and introduces the reader to three immigrant families. Family profiles cover what life was like in their homeland, in their community in the United States, their home life, working conditions and so much more.

As the reader moves through these pages, the families and individuals come to life, painting a picture of why they left their homeland, their experiences in setting roots in a new country, their struggles and triumphs, stretching from the 1800s to the present time.

Profiles Include:

  • A seven-year-old Swedish girl who meets her father for the first time at Ellis Island
  • A Chinese photographer’s assistant
  • An Armenian who flees the genocide of his country to build Ford automobiles in Detroit
  • A 38-year-old German bachelor cigar maker who settles in Newark NJ but contemplates tobacco farming in Virginia
  • A 19-year-old Irish domestic servant who is amazed at the easy life of American dogs
  • A 19-year-old Filipino who came to Hawaii against his parent’s wishes to farm sugar cane
  • A French-Canadian who finds success as a boxer in Maine and many more.

    As in previous volumes, information is presented in narrative form, but hard facts and real-life situations back up each story. The basis of each family profile or story comes from diaries, private print books, personal interviews, family histories, estate documents and magazine articles.

    With the topic of immigration being so hotly debated in this country, this timely resource will prove to be a useful source for students, researchers, historians and library patrons to discover the issues facing immigrants in the United States. This title will be a useful addition to reference collections of public libraries, university libraries and high schools.

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