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HMO/PPO Directory: Online Database


The HMO/PPO Directory - Online Database is your in-depth searchable guide to Health Plans nationwide – their contact information, key executives, plan information and more!

You'll have at the ready critical market data on this complex, important and ever changing industry - an industry that impacts a wide range of professions and businesses across the country. Because this industry is in constant flux and development, compiling and verify this data is a demanding year-round task. Up-dates to the file accessed by this Online Database are made monthly to ensure the data you have reflects the latest data captured by our editorial team.

The HMO/PPO Directory – Online Database is a necessary tool when researching or marketing a product or service to this important industry. It’s the most comprehensive, most up-to-date resource the market place.

Database Details:

  • Easy-To-Use Keyword & Quick Searches
  • Organization Type & Subject Searches
  • Cross-Database Searching
  • Search by Area Code or Zip Code Ranges
  • Search by Company Size & Geographic Area
  • Search by Contact Name or Title
  • Combine Multiple Search Criteria with our Expert Search Page
  • Sort Search Results by City, Company Name, Area Code & more
  • Save Searches for Quick Lookups
  • Create & Save Your Own Search Results Lists
  • Download Search Results in TXT, CSV or DOC Formats



Detailed Profiles include:

  • Complete Contact Information
  • Hotlinks to Websites & Email Addresses
  • Over 6,000 Key Contacts & Officers
  • For-Profit/Non-Profit Status
  • Year Founded
  • Physician/Independently Owned
  • Federal Qualifications
  • Number of Affiliated Hospitals & Primary or Specialty Physicians
  • Member Enrollment
  • Plan Services
  • Model Type
  • Plan Specialties
  • Benefits Offered
  • Demand Management Patient Information Services offered
  • Type of Coverage
  • Catatrophic Illness Benefits
  • Type of Payment Plans Offered
  • Geographic Areas Served
  • Average Monthly Fees & Annual Deductibles
  • Average Subscriber Co-Payments
  • Network Qualifications
  • Peer Review Type
  • Accreditation Certification
  • Average Claim Compensation
  • Five Years of Revenue & Income Figures
  • Specialty Managed Care Partners
  • Regional Business Coalitions
  • Employer References
  • and more

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