Profiles of Ohio

Sixth Edition

Profiles of Ohio is designed to provide just the right data and insight into the makeup of the state of Ohio. It provides the detail and demographic information that researchers or grant writers need and can also act as curriculum support for high school and college research papers. This data provides the critical information that can mean success in projects whether in community or government grants and funding or political science, sociology, history, civics, and current events.

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  • State Emblems, Key Facts, & Locator Map
  • Photo Gallery
  • History of Ohio
  • Timeline of Ohio State History

  • A Guide to Ohio State Government
  • Congressional Districts

  • Population Demo Map
  • Median Age Demo Map
  • Median Household Income and Value Demo Maps
  • Highschool and College Graduates Demo Maps
  • Voted for Joe Biden in 2020 Demo Map

  • Geography
  • Energy

  • Climate Guide
  • Physical Features, Climate Narrative, and Relief Map
  • Weather Stations by County, City, and Elevation
  • National Weather Service Stations
  • Cooporative Weather Service Sations
  • Weather Station Rankings

  • Comparative Statistics of 100 Largest Communities

  • Land & Water Area, and Elevation
  • Population, Population Growth, & Density
  • Avg. Household Size, Median Age, Male/Female Ratio
  • Foreign Born/Speak Only English at Home
  • Individuals with A Disability
  • Veterans
  • Marriage Status
  • Ancestry
  • Employment
  • Income and Poverty Rates
  • Educational Attainment
  • Homeownership Rates
  • Health Insurance
  • Commutes
  • Crime Rates

  • Education User Guide
  • School District Rankings
  • National Assessment of Educational Programs
  • State Report Card

  • Ancestry, Ethnicity, and Race User Guide
  • State & County Profiles
  • Place Profiles
  • Ancestry Group Rankings
  • Hispanic Origin Rankings
  • Racial Group Rankings