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Hispanic Databook: Companion Online Access

Free Online Access

Access to Hispanic Databook Online is Free with a purchase of the Print Edition

In an effort to keep the print edition to a manageable size, our inclusion criteria for places is overall population of 125,000 OR Hispanic/Latino population of at least 25,000 where Hispanics/Latinos comprise at least 20% of the total population. For those states where less than five places meet either of these criteria, we have included places with total population of 10,000 or more with the highest percentage of Hispanic population, so that each state is represented by at least five places. This includes 782 places plus all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Get Access to More Data, More Places Online

To address places with Hispanic/Latino population that did not meet the inclusion criteria for the print version, we have developed a website that includes, not only 11,242 more places than the print edition, but also 10 more topics. Access to this incredible amount of valuable data is available at no additional cost, with the purchase of the print edition.


Hispanic Databook Online offers immediate access to:

  • US National Profile of the Hispanic Population
  • Top Congressional Districts by Latino Share of the Population
  • Hispanic Population Statistics from 1980 to 2010
  • National Maps Showing Percent of State Population for All 23 Hispanic/Latino Groups
  • State & Place Profiles - Over 12,000 Profiles!
  • 36 Statistical Topics - 10 Only Available Online

Start Accessing Hispanic Databook Online NOW!

If your organization has purchased the print edition and requested online access, log on to to start accessing this wealth of information.

If your organization has purchased the print edition, but has not yet requested online access, please contact your reference librarian. An Online Access Coupon will need to be submitted to complete access.

Please contact Grey House Publishing's Customer Service Department if you have trouble logging in to the site, want to set up access, or want to purchase a copy of the print edition.